The patrol division is the heart and soul of the police department. It is made up of 11 officers, 2 Sergeants and a Deputy Chief.

We consider Patrol to be our core competency. The thing we do before all others. We are committed as a department to putting at least two police officers on the streets every hour of every day. We are the only department in the county that has maintained that standard for more than twenty years.

The patrol officer is the first responder of the police department. They are out in all weather all hours of the day working traffic crashes, lost dogs and initial response to all manner of crimes. 

Patrol Officers

Brian Aydt 
AJ Duryea  
Eric Halverson  
Ken Hansen  
Thomas Litwin  
Chris McNeary  
Andrew Randall  
Nicole Riley
Jason Robinson
Cory Gerig
Kevin Berry
Jair Macareno
Eric Halverson